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Born in New York City in 1921, Albert Marten served in the U.S. Army during the Second World War, retiring as a Captain in the Army Reserves in Intelligence. Coming out of the military, he earned three degrees within three years – his undergraduate degree from City College of New York, a Master’s in Social Psychology from Columbia University, and a law degree from New York Law. As the student body President of the united colleges of Columbia University, he was active in New York City politics as a leader of the Fair Deal Democrats, becoming chairman of the speaker’s bureau for Franklin Roosevelt, Jr.’s congressional campaign and escorting Eleanor Roosevelt to rallies.

From the beginning of his career in 1949, Albert Marten became a prominent theatrical and entertainment attorney, representing numerous clients, including movie star Errol Flynn, author Harold Robbins, Oscar-winning director Herb Klein, producer Edward R. Pressman, and Allied Artists Distribution Company. A pioneer of the post-WWII film industry, he evolved the concept of motion picture completion bonding in the United States, and during the Cold War imported Eastern European animation and was instrumental in bringing film production to the fledgling Cuban movie industry. He arranged financing for over 150 feature films (such as Panic Button starring Maurice Chevalier, Jayne Mansfield, Mike Connors, Eleanor Parker, and Akim Tamiroff), television series (“Wild Bill Hickok” starring Guy Madison and Andy Devine), and Broadway productions (such as Peter Ustinov’s Love of Four Colonels).

However, Albert Marten’s fondest credit was having arranged the sale and distribution of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space, a film once voted the “Worst Film of All Time” which has since become a cult classic.

Moving to Virginia in the early 1980s, he was a catalyst for the emerging Virginia film industry as founder and chairman of Atlantic Film Studios in Suffolk, Virginia’s first full service motion picture production facility, which was inaugurated in 1988 by then-Governor Gerald L. Baliles.

Continuing the family legacy, Albert Marten’s four sons are involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry: Jonathan is an actor/writer/producer; Seth is an actor/writer; Ethan is an actor and producer. And Richard Marten, an attorney who is also a producer and writer, is President of Wave4M Studios.


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Jacqueline Marten was a best-selling author of historical romance novels, including Dreamwalker and the acclaimed Rose series (English Rose, Irish Rose, French Rose). Already a well-recognized magazine writer, her first book, a Gothic Romance entitled Let the Crags Comb Out Her Dainty Hair, came to her in a dream in 1974, and was published by Popular Library in 1975. Always ahead of her time, writing exceptional stories of strong women in historical and modern situations, Jacqueline Marten pioneered the literary device of reincarnation in her field.

Born in New York, Jacqueline was raised in Washington Heights. She attended George Washington High School before getting her undergraduate degree at Hunter College and then a masters degree in Journalism at the University of Michigan – the first in her family to attend college. She was the author of 19 novels and hundreds of short stories, poems, and jingles. A short story was selected for an anthology of American fiction – The Craft of the Short Story. 

Her 19 titles have been published in the United States and Great Britain, and in German, Italian, Chinese, and Russian translations.

Wave4M Studios has acquired the film rights to the Jacqueline Marten Historical Romance Library.


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Jacqueline & Albert E. Marten

c. 1950