The Company possesses a depth and breadth of experience in motion picture production, marketing and sales, including specific expertise in HD digital technology, marketing, public relations, and entertainment law. The long-term industry relationships of its principals are complemented by background in finance, business administration, and on-line marketing. Three of its principals, Richard S. Marten, President of Wave4M Studios and producers Ethan Marten and Joshua Levy participated in the production of the pioneering short, Samaritan, one of the first motion pictures ever to utilize high definition digital technology and techniques in all phases of production.

Richard S. Marten


Mr. Marten, a native of New York City, received his undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies
from Vassar College and a law degree from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.  He specialized
in the fields of entertainment and general corporate law, representing such producers & directors as Edward S. Pressman, Gordon Hessler, James Toback, and Igo Kantor. He has handled the
acquisition of motion picture and allied rights to literary properties, contracting of talent,
arranged distribution in the theatrical, television, and video media in the United States and
overseas, assisted in securing bank and investor financing for motion picture and television
projects, and participated in the formulation of co-production agreements.  In 1985, Mr. Marten
oversaw the establishment of Atlantic Film Studios, Virginia’s first motion picture production
facility, officially inaugurated in 1989 by the Hon. Gerald Baliles, Governor of the
Commonwealth of Virginia.  He also served as President of the Atlantic Entertainment Group, a
motion picture production and distribution company. Mr. Marten was a founder of 
Norfolk’s 2nd Story Theatre and of  Star Circle Pictures where he produced the award-winning
short film Samaritan and the feature  Player’s Joy. He is the author of two original
screenplays, WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy and General Two-Gun.

Joshua M. Levy

Executive Producer

Joshua Levy was born in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Levy received his undergraduate and Masters degrees from the University of Oregon and his doctorate with honors from the California Institute of Technology. In addition to his scientific background, Dr. Levy has been active in finance, with particular emphasis in the areas of communications and entertainment.  During the course of his career, Dr. Levy has formed close relationships with executives at the highest level of international financial institutions, including Citibank and Salomon Smith Barney, as well as numerous major communications and entertainment organizations. Dr. Levy resided in Beijing for several years and is responsible for developing relationships within the Chinese entertainment industry and with ministries of the Central Government of China for co-production.

Walter Estulin

Chief Financial Officer

Walter Estulin is a veteran of several Fortune 500 companies, including InterDigital Communications, Aydin Corporation and L-3 Communications, and has over 30 years of experience in business development, business administration, and business finance. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and has completed a PhD program in this field.  Mr. Estulin also held Secret Clearances from the US government while serving as President of the GNS company of L-3 Communications.

Ethan Marten


Ethan Marten, President and CEO of Light Age Films, is the producer of WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy and the martial arts drama, The Eyes of the Roshi. Since 2009, Mr. Marten has produced and/or executive produced three television series (17 episodes), and five motion pictures, including the recent sci-fi thriller Atlantis Down. Mr. Marten was VP of Marketing for Atlantic Film Studios, Virginia’s first full-service motion Picture studio, and for Atlantic Entertainment Inc., distributor of such films as What Ever Happened To..? starring Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave, In The Deep Woods, starring Anthony Perkins, and Our Sons, starring Hugh Grant, Julie Andrews and Ann-Margret.  Mr. Marten also served as Artistic Director of Norfolk’s acclaimed 2nd Story Theatre. As an actor, he has been featured as John Todd, Jr. in the PBS episode of Dolly Madison on The American Experience; John Taylor in First Landing for ABC Family; Irving Berlin in George Lucas’s Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for ABC Television; and in Hollywood Pictures’ Eddie.

Joshua A. Marten

Deputy Manager

Josh Marten observed the film business from a young age at his family’s studio in Virginia and
interned at several law firms in high school and college. He earned his undergraduate degree in
East Asian Studies/Chinese language from the College of William & Mary and Master’s in
Business Administration from the University of Colorado. Post-graduate, Josh traded in the
precious metals and numismatic markets and managed several online retail operations before
joining Wave4M Studios in 2016. His expertise includes digital marketing, sales generation and

Advisory Board

Peter Lau

Peter Lau is a licensed investment banker and Certified Public Accountant with over 40 years of
experience in management and the financial services industry.  Mr. Lau worked as a corporate
accountant and management consultant for a decade, then formed his own advisory company
assisting both domestic and international clients.  
In the 1980s, Mr. Lau worked at the Department of Commerce, specifically servicing the Asian
American Community. He spent a number of years working in Europe and Asia as advisor to
firms such as The Bank of East Asia, Ltd., the Sung Hung Kai Group (Merrill Lynch) and Heng
Fung Holdings Group. 
During the course of his career as an investment banker and financial advisor, he has led or
participated in the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity in various
industries, particularly technology, oil and gas, and the entertainment (film and music
Mr. Lau is presently a principal and Managing Director of Investment Banking for Buckman,
Buckman & Reid, Inc., a Securities and Exchange Commission licensed broker-dealer and
member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority based in New Jersey.

Louis A. Ross

Lou Ross brings to the Company significant experience in new business development, in both the large corporation and small business arenas. Dr. Ross was a cofounder, CEO and Chairman of TexCom, Inc., a public company involved in the production of biodiesel fuel and the provision of environmental services to the oil & gas industry. In his capacity as head of a startup company, Dr. Ross was responsible for raising approximately $20 million of capital by way of private placement of TexCom stock. He is highly experienced in regulatory issues, reporting responsibilities, and corporate governance for public companies. Previously, Dr. Ross held senior executive positions in the petrochemical industry with such companies as Westlake Chemical, US Steel Corporation, and the Gulf Oil Corporation. His experience in technology licensing, capital project management and business development is extensive.

Technical Team

Alex Khusidman

Director of Technology Development

Alex Khusidman has nearly 20 years of experience in leading development teams and in the design of various communications and audio  systems and equipment. His area of expertise includes, inter alia, speech/audio compression, audio normalization/editing, video compression/editing, laser projection systems, digital audio/video. Mr. Khusidman has led the development of a broad variety of communications products, including wireless,  satellite,  fiber optic communication links and digital audio/video signals equipment.  He has held various management positions for such companies as General Instruments, Aydin Corporation, and L-3 Communications Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Boris Estulin

Director of Software Development

Boris Estulin has a degree in a Computer Science from Drexel University, 15 years of experience in development of Communications products/systems, and has been working as a Director of SW Development and lead software engineer, specializing in the development of communication software, audio/video compression/editing software, WEB-based traffic generation systems, graphical Interfaces and computer-assisted graphics. He has established a reputation for creating innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to complex software problems and has successfully led a large teams of engineers in various development companies.  Mr. Estulin also held Secret Clearances from the US government while working at L-3 Communications on military Telemetry systems.


Greenberg Traurig

Legal Counsel – Entertainment & Media

KWC Certified Public Accountants

Vandeventer Black

General Legal Counsel