Statement of Purpose

Movies literally have the capacity to transform consciousness. We believe the medium of motion pictures has tremendous potential to broaden awareness – emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Wave4M STUDIOS is dedicated to utilizing this art form in the delivery of high quality entertainment for the purpose of motivating and uplifting social and multi-cultural understanding. Through the production of gripping features, unconventional documentaries, and offbeat comedies, we are committed to assisting in the awakening of the planet by capturing the imagination and altering perception.

Mission Elements

Go beyond the production of mindless entertainment by developing life-changing stories while building a world-class brand and industry reputation.

Transcend conventions about how and where motion pictures are made by pioneering tomorrow’s technology and processes for streamlining production and reducing overhead.

Evolve innovative financial platforms for participants and provide unprecedented transparency for investors and principals into the most detailed day-to-day operations of production, resulting in expanded levels of collaboration.

Demonstrate a multi-faceted pipeline of product development, including innovating in the worlds of technology and new media while focusing on television and motion picture production.

Fully utilize our international resources to attract studio and investor participation.

Provide opportunities for new artists and creators as we align with the industry’s finest professionals around the world.

Remain lean and agile by sustaining a healthy financial and operational model of success while regularly addressing the need to maintain optimal organizational size and infrastructure.

Foster a work environment in which partners, employees, associates, and production members are treated with respect and kindness. Maintaining a sense of humor and never forgetting to enjoy the ride.

Always remain cognizant of the business-critical elements of our endeavors in order to financially benefit our principals and partners.

Address the needs and conditions of the world around us, foster ecological awareness, contribute to the preservation of at-risk cultures and communities, thus contributing to the ultimate goal of a safer, healthier, and more abundant planet.